What are your fees?
Candidates are not charged for any service at Knapp MYHR.

What are my obligations as a candidate?
There is no exclusivity, the process may change for each position. If you are contacted about a position we will outline the process and answer any questions you may have.

I submitted my resume for a position but have not heard from a Knapp MYHR representative. Why?
When we work on an assignment with a client we obtain every detail possible about their vacant position, company culture and their ideal candidate. It is impossible to include every detail in our job descriptions so you may be missing some skills that we were not able to include. Our recruiters survive on commissions, unfortunately means that they don’t have the resources to contact every applier since their job is to find that exact match to make their living.

How long is my resume kept active in your database?
We keep all resumes indefinitely. Our livelihood depends on always maintaining a strong network of candidates.

Should I check in with Knapp MYHR regularly?
We understand that there is anxiety involved in a job search but it is impossible for a recruiter to maintain regular contact with a candidate. Time is better spent contacting companies and searching for potential opportunities. If there is news or if our recruiters find you to be a fit for one of their positions you will be contacted.

Why won’t recruiters tell me the name of the companies they are working with?
Oftentimes our clients require and request confidentiality. We tell you as much as we possibly can about the opportunity without divulging the company name. Once mutual interest is established we will then release the name of the client. This works both ways, our clients will not receive your contact information unless there is mutual interest.